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Friday 24th June, 2022 

Novotel Langely Hotel, Perth or Online

Access a PDF program here.

impact of covid-19 on shbbv


8.30-9.10 am


9.10-9.25 am

Welcome to country

Simon Forrest

9.25-9.35 am

opening remarks


9.35-9.50 am

The impact of covid-19 on gay and bisexual men's hiv-related behaviour: results from the perth gay community periodic survey

Martin Holt, Curtis Chan (University of New South Wales [UNSW])

9.50-10.05 am

close contact: single people's experience of connection ad isolation in lockdown

Hanna Saltis, Karina Reeves, Sharyn Burns (Curtin University)

10.05-10.20 am

the sexual and reproductive health impact of covid-19 on people living in australia

Jacqueline Coombe (University of Melbourne)

10.20-10.35 am

Lessons learned from false positive covid-19 point of care tests in remote aboriginal communities and the implications for point of care testing for other infections, including stis and bbvs

David Speers (Path West)

10.35-10.50 am

moderated panel discussion and q&a involving presenters from previous block

10.50-11.10 am

morning tea

ways the shbbv sector has adapted to covid-19

11.10-11.25 am

innovative adaptions in youth sexual health education, in response to covid-19

Lorna Geraghty (Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia [YACWA])

11.25-11.31 am

the implications of covid-19 on aboriginal sexual health and relationship program delivery

Sian Dooley (Sexual Health Quarters [SHQ])

11.31-11.46 am

achieving sexual health promotion during a pandemic

Ragilen Kristnasawmy, Katiska Davis, Veronica Walshe (Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia [AHCWA])

11.46-12.01 pm

we are one but we are many: implementing and disseminating the international reproductive and sexual health (i-share) study in the context of a global pandemic

Hanna Saltis, Jacqui Hendriks, Sharyn Burns (Curtin University)

12.01-12:16 pm

harm reduction during a pandemic: impact of covid-19 on service delivery, pbhrwa's response and contingency planning as an essential service

Kevin Winder, Jodie Savage (Peer Based Harms Reduction Western Australia [PBHRWA])

12.16-12.35 pm

moderated panel discussion and q&a involving presenters from previous block, in addition to representative from waac and hepatitis wa who will also share their experiences of how covid-19 impacted nsp provision

12.35-1.15 pm


concurrent sessions

block a

other outbreaks and areas of emerging concern within the shbbv sector

block b

Reaching and engaging with priority populations

1.15-1.30 pm

Syphilaxis study

Bridget Haire (UNSW)

1.30-1.45 pm

#syphilisoutbreakwa - a youth lead response to the syphilis outbreak in western australian

Lorna Geraghty (YACWA)

1.45-2.00 pm

delivering an alternative community response to the recent syphilis outbreak in priority populations

Leanne Myers, Angela Corry, Susan Carruthers (PBHRWA)

1.15-1.30 pm

Impact of interventions that aim to increase hepatitis b testing, treatment and/or monitoring among migrants from cald backgrounds: a rapid review

Vishnupriya Rajkumar (Curtin University), Kahlia McCausland (SiREN), Roanna Lobo (Curtin University)

1.30-1.36 pm

multicultural community leader regional extension project - hepatitis b

Amanda Siebert, Virginia Pitts (Hepatitis WA)

1.36-1.42 pm

promoting sexual health through a whole-school approach

Felicia O'Keeffe (SHQ)

2.00-2.06 pm

syphilis is on the move - the development and implementation of a state-wide gap analysis tool 

Rachael Laing (SHQ)

2.06-2.21 pm

unique antimicrobial susceptible lineages of neisseria gonorrhoeae predominate in remote regions of western australia 

Charlene Kahler, Barakat A. Al Suwayyid, Ethan C. Haese (University of Western Australia)

2.21-2.45 pm

moderated panel discussion and q&a involving presenters from previous block

1.42-1.57 pm

western australian parents and their support for school-based relationships and sexuality education

Jacqui Hendriks (Curtin University), Katrina Marson (Swinburne University), Jennifer Walsh (The Hum Academy)

1.57-2.12 pm

sexual health and relationships education program for young parents

Bronwyn Jones (SHQ)

2.12-2.33 pm

western australian youth and their experiences of sexual health services: an online survey and qualitative interviews

Kahlia McCausland (SiREN), Jacqui Hendriks (Curtin University), Roisin Glasgow-Collins (RSE Project), Lorna Geraghty (YACWA), Matthew Bacon (WA Health), Donna Mak (WA Health), Joe Staniszewski (M Clinic, WAAC)

2.33-2.39 pm

embraceu - trans and gender diverse sexual health

Maddi Whittle (SHQ)

2.39-2.45 pm

fifo sexual health project

Maddi Whittle (SHQ)

2.45-3.00 pm

self-serve tea and coffee break

identifying and responding to structural and systematic factors that impact community transmission and outbreaks

3.00-3.15 pm

the structural an systematic factors that drive hiv and covid-19 transmission

Raiza Beltran (University of California, Los Angeles)

3.15-3.30 pm

how do we balance tensions between covid-19 public health responses and stigma mitigation? learning from hiv research

Carmen Logie (University of Toronto)

3.30-3.45 pm

mhealth in a time of covid-19: a case study evaluation of a mobile application for people who inject drugs

Karina Reeves, Tamara Lipscombe, Roanna Lobo, Kahlia McCausland (SiREN)

3.45-4.00 pm

taking it to the streets: genuine peer involvement increases access to hcv testing and uptake of hcv treatments

Paul Jeffrey, Jodie Savage, Leanne Myers (PBHRWA)

4.00-4.15 pm

peer harm reduction education: valuing that which we cannot measure

Peta Gava, Angela Corry, Paul Dessauer (PBHRWA)

4.15-4.30 pm

a qualitative investigation of western australian service providers' experiences prescribing pre-exposure prophylaxis (prep)

Melissa Coci (WA Health), Kahlia McCausland (SiREN), Roanna Lobo (Curtin University)

4.30-4.45 pm

moderated panel discussion and q&a involving presenters from previous block

closing remarks

4.45-4.55 pm

closing remarks from siren

Daniel Vujcich (Curtin Univeristy)

4.55-5.05 pm

closing remarks

Lisa Bastian (WA Health)

networking sundowner

5.05 - 6.05pm 

sundowner ticket holders

Food and beverages at the senses restaurant, novotel langley hotel

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