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Module 2:
Introduction to qualitative research

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

- Describe qualitative research and its strengths and limitations.

- Understand the steps in the qualitative research process.

- Describe approaches used to strengthen the trustworthiness of qualitative research.

- Identify qualitative research methods and explain the strengths and limitations of each method.

Be sure to check out the resources provided below.

2.1 An overview of qualitative research and its strengths and limitations 

2.2 The qualitative research process

2.3 An introduction to qualitative research methods


Qualitative research methods (Fifth Edition). 2020. Liamputtong, L. Oxford University Press: South Melbourne.


A Practical Guide to Focus-Group Research. 2007. Breen, R. Journal of Geography in Higher Education.


The Community Toolbox. 2023. University of Kansas.

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